About Us

Our focus is to deliver value through:

Transport Savings
  • Candor Software instantly finds the most economic carrier balancing service and cost.
  • Candor optimizes truckload and backhaul opportunities passing additional savings on to our customers.
  • Enjoy increased leverage with LTL carriers by pooling market power with all Candor Customers. 
  • We keep you competitive by negotiating the most favorable rate base, discounts, and fuel surcharge protection.
Process Improvements
  • Candor Software automates carrier selection and communication.
  • Eliminate inefficient phone calls to carriers scheduling pickups and deliveries.
  • Candor audits all freight bills and can automate accounts payable invoice processing.
  • Eliminate time and resources allocated to contract negotiations and RFQ processes.
Information Tranparency
  • Candor Software tracks shipment status from pickup to delivery.
  • Transportation data can be captured and linked back into customer's "host" system.
  • We monitor carrier performances against standard service levels and provide detailed tracking reports.
  • Shipment data can be linked automatically transcribing all critical bill of lading information.
  • Flexible customer-routed freight requirements.